The Journey

There are coffee drinkers and then there are coffee adventurists. 

That’s no surprise, because if you will allow it to take you there, each cup of coffee is a journey. The adventure begins at the source, with the choice of coffee bean. There are dozens of species of coffee plants, each with its own unique characteristics, and we at Blue Craft Coffee Roasters source our coffee beans from all over the world so that you can seek out your perfect cup. Our high quality roasted beans are brimming with flavors or “notes” (as they are called in the coffee world) that actually change with time and temperature, making every sip a new experience. Your just brewed cup of coffee will start with the richest of flavors and aromas when still hot, but if you slow down and enjoy your cup over time, you may be surprised to find the taste transformed by subtle notes of chocolate, fruit, or spice.   

The best coffees are enjoyable from start to finish and each cup of goodness is a glorious journey. Will you take some time out of your day to relax and enjoy it? We at BCCR sure hope you will.